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Dalaplan - Plikt och elände LP Black vinyl + CD

Dalaplan - Plikt och elände LP Black vinyl + CD

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Release date: June 3, 2020 GAP066 Label: Gaphals Vinyl (LP) version of Dalaplan - Plikt och Elände album. Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl. Comes with a Cd and a digital download card.

On October 6, Dalaplan will release their second album “Plikt och elände” on Gaphals, the same record label that released the Malmö­based five­piece´s critically acclaimed debut album last year. The sound of the follow­ up album is darker than that of their debut. Niklas Svensson, lead singer and songwriter, describes this development: “The previous record dealt with wanting to break free and escape from boredom and routines. ‘Plikt och elände’ emerged from the feeling of hopelessness sneaking up on you when you realize that the newly gained freedom didn’t make you any happier.” The second album also differs musically from the debut release. On several of the songs organist Peter Svensson has replaced his trademark Vox organ with piano and Hammond organ, and bass player Jenny Neikell has become more prominent as a vocalist in the band.
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