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Pasanen, Kristofer - LKPG Hardcore Where we belonged Photo book BUNDLE

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LKPG HARDCORE: Where we belonged is a new hardcover coffee table photo book by Kristofer Pasanen that will take you back 25 years in time, to a time when today middle aged grown ups played hard hitting music, screaming and sweating together and when everything was possible. With photos from the Linköping Hardcore scene taken between 1995–1999, the book is a unique document from the time when the hardcore scene was at its peak in Sweden.

This is the super BUNDLE with four books, one of each cover.
Limited covers by:
Carl Cordezui
Claudio Marino
Mikael Hammarberg

Book title: LKPG Hardcore: Where we belonged
Author: Kristofer Pasanen
Release date: 18.2.2021
Publisher: Uprising Coalition – www.uprisingcoaltion.com
Distributed by: Freight Train - www.freighttrain.se
ISBN: 978-952-94-4140-2

Featuring the bands in alphabetical order:
Acursed / Another Reason / Applecore / Backside LKPG / Baseline / Blinker / Bobbit / Bonds Of Trust / Both Sides / Break The Silence / Cornerpit / Crew Cut / Dead End / Drabness / Ett Liv Kvar / Fett / First In Line / Forced Into / Foreheads / Friend / Front 013 / Hint / Interlace Jam Session / Nine / One87 / Outlast / Red Tape / Roswell / Section 8 / Sensible / The Firemark / Three Minute Access / Trunchbull
Freight Train
Almost Religious AB
S:t Larsgatan 21
582 24 Linköping