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Nightmen - Fifteen Minutes of Pain LP Red

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Art.nr: LLY009

Label: Lövely Records

Vinyl (LP) version of Nightmen - Fifteen Minutes of Pain album. Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, 200 on red vinyl. Comes with digital download card.

Cheap beer and endless movie-nights helped Nightmen create their debut LP ”Fifteen Minutes of Pain”, a 28-minute primitive rock’n’roll-album filled with power-pop hooks and ingenious songwriting. The three vocalists sing with equal measures of punk snottiness and sugary sweetness. The diversity of having three singers makes “Fifteen Minutes of Pain” a dynamic garage-rock anthem. Nightmen are Ramones tangled up with Dead Moon and The Cars.  ”Fifteen Minutes of Pain”, a twelve track killer-LP straight from the heart.
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