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Märvel - Thunderblood Heart CD

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Art.nr: KCR105

Label: Killer Cobra Records

Märvel - Thunderblood Heart CD

Märvel´s celebrated second album on it´s original CD release by Killer Cobra Records 2007.
Cover art by Mats Engesten

1. Intro
2. Fringe Of Comfort
3. I Wanna Know You (Just A Little Bit Better)
4. Thunderblood Heart
5. So Good Together
6. Girl, Where´s My Amulet?!
7. Code Of The Road
8. Cagney Sans Lacey (The City Is Burning)
9. Willful Non Participation
10. Mind Over Matter
11. Musta Fresta!
Freight Train
Almost Religious AB
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582 24 Linköping