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Hernevik, Edvard - Psyche LP

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Art.nr: GAP087

Label: Gaphals

Edvard Hernevik did himself a name with Den Stora Vilan. A Swedish rock act that have been the center of the Gothenburgs rock community since the late 90´s. The band found lots of influences in the Gothenburg music history from the 60´s and 70´s. If you are a fan of Den Stora Vilan you will feel familiar with Edvard Herneviks amazing solo debut "Psyche"

The record is pressed on black vinyl. 500 copys.

1 - Rock´n´roll-romantik
2 - En måne bland stjärnorna
3 - Du gick igenom mig
4 - Psyche
5 - Utanför ramarna
6 - Resan till Amerika
7 - Spegelsalar
8 - I Ros-Maries trädgård
Freight Train
Almost Religious AB
S:t Larsgatan 21
582 24 Linköping