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Heavy metal four

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Heavy metal four
Label: Static age
Format: Cassete

A1 Savagely Beaten By Funk
A2 It´s Only Suicide
A3 6 Bergadler & A Microphone
A4 Baby You´re So Vile
A5 Kick Out The Jams
A6 Black Helicopter
A7 Gasmask Factory II
A8 Crazy Town
A9 Sonnenschein Übermensch
A10 Frank Spencer
A11 MF Golf (Feat. Ice "Genius" Brainiac)
A12 Inspirobot
B1 Overtime II
B2 Finster In Meinem Herzen (Feat. Bobby Would)
B3 Sick Note
B4 Electric Jeans
B5 Room 17
B6 Ted Bundy (Feat. Ice "Genius" Brainiac)
B7 Sprinkle To Cone Ratio
B8 Straightjacket
B9 Counter Electrode
B10 Dennis Nilson´s Lonely Hearts Club Band
B11 The Oracle
B12 Killing Yourself To Own Your Parents & The Tories
Freight Train
Almost Religious AB
S:t Larsgatan 21
582 24 Linköping