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Gus Ring - Hypnoseas LP Black

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Art.nr: DAS002

Label: Daughters And Sons

Hypnoseas is the second album by Gus Ring, to be released 21th of April. Originating from the do-it-yourself scene, the album is recorded and mixed by Gus in his closet studio. Intimate, dreamy and melancholic moments frozen in time and caught on tape. The lyrical themes are of loneliness, love and introversion and it feels almost like this is Gus only way of daring to tell these things. In a world full of perfect productions and auto-tuned vocals Hypnoseas is an album that is honest, pure and straight from the heart. Mastered by Alf Håkan Åkesson (Weeping Willows, Dungen, First Aid Kit).

1. Swim
2. Hypnoseas
3. Chameleon
4. Rainbow Blood
5. Heart Beat Wild
6. Youniverse
7. Introvertigo
8. The Greatest Man On Earth
9. Armor
10. Du Drunknade I Dina Tankar
Freight Train
Almost Religious AB
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