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Eat My Fear - Taking Back Space 7"

Eat My Fear - Taking Back Space 7"

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EAT MY FEAR “Taking back space” black (REFUSE+EMANCYPUNX) "Taking back space” is the second ep of the queer feminist hardcore punk band EAT MY FEAR from Berlin. It´s a 6 song explosion in under 10 minutes, a loud, angry and still absolutely necessary mix of straight edge hardcore and queer punk, full of political expression. Adriessa´s pissed vocals tell stories about the experience of migration, about animal exploitation, about not fitting in because of homo- and transphobia. And while Eat My Fear created a place for all their anger, their ep is also a manifesto about supporting each other, about not giving up but fighting back. Eat My Fear are fighting a fight that still needs to be fought, together with bands like G.L.O.S.S., IRON, RESPECT MY FIST or ANTI-CORPOS, whith some of them they share members with. If you´re ready to take back your space, this is the perfect soundtrack to fight back! This is co-release between Emancypunx Records and Refuse Records. https://refuserecords.bandcamp.com/album/taking-back-space-7-ep
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