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Durefelt, Alexander - In The Grace Of The Woods CD

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Art.nr: DAS001

Label: Daughters And Sons

CD version of the Alexander Durefelt - In the grace of the woods album. Digipack sleeve, comes direct digital download and download card.

With his third album In The Grace Of the Woods Alexander Durefelt returns to the characters with whom it all started. The journey never ends, either you have to move or try to stay with something or someone. The album is Scandinavian Soul and melancholic Americana with elements of Country that takes you to the other side of the ocean,a journey undertaken by many swedes. Alexander´s own journey 15 years ago took him from Tranås,to the port city of Gothenburg, where the journey started for the many swedes who looked to America for a brighter future.   "In The Grace Of the Woods" is 10 tracks that are filled with honesty and hope 10 songs about distance, loss and decisions, told with its very own unique voice.
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