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Disfear - Live The Storm LP

Disfear - Live The Storm LP

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Art.nr: MEMBER 40+29

Label: La Familia Releases

Disfear - Live The Storm LP
Black vinyl, 2017 repress

Get It Off
Fiery Father
The Cage
The Furnace
Live The Storm
In Exodus
Maps Of War

Disfears 2008 masterpiece available on vinyl again. Relapse records did some pressings, later on the band licensed it themselves for some pressings for tours and now after some years it’s the band and I getting it out on vinyl again. Their classic mix of intense hardcore punk with swedish metal to create the perfect käng, in your face and relentless. The production by Kurt Ballou does the rest and with the powerfull, crisp sound the 10 fierce songs with uncompromising socio-political lyrics are just an outstanding display of DISFEAR!
Freight Train
Almost Religious AB
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