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Dahmers, The - Down In The Basement CD

Dahmers, The - Down In The Basement CD

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Art.nr: LLY033

Label: Lövely Records

The Dahmers - Down In The Basement CD
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Blood On My Hands
Murder Ride
Street Of the Dead
Down On My Knees
The Ripper
Hit ´N´ Run
I Spit On Your Grave
Demon Night
Creepiest Creep
Reoccurring Dreams
Without a Face
Kiss Of Dario
Man Obsessed
No One
Social Fools
The End

Down In The Basement is the third album from the Swedish rock ´n´ roll horror sensation The Dahmers. The album collects eighteen tracks with a raw & chilly essence. The Dahmers is a Frankenstein´s monster of music, influenced by garage punk, classic rock and 60´s pop they deliver deadly catchy hits. The tracks on ’Down In The Basement’ have been recorded during a period of 2016-2018 and holds some of the bands strongest tracks so far. The band is quickly rising to be one of the most popular party and garage acts out of Sweden. Down In The Basement is an eighteen song long pleasure trip.

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